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10 Mac reminder apps that outperform Apple Reminder

10 Mac reminder apps that outperform Apple Reminder

If you are looking for a reminder app, you should use a built-in solution like Apple Reminder. But you have a lot of alternatives to consider on your Mac.

While Apple Reminder is a simple solution, it lacks advanced features and elegant design. Apple Reminder offers only minimal features, suitable for checklists often used in shopping and personal activities, and nothing else.

Here are 10 alternative reminder apps for Apple Reminder that are worth considering.

Top alternative reminder app for Apple Reminder for Mac

  • 1. Clear
  • 2. Wunderlist
  • 3. Todoist
  • 4. Later
  • 5. Doo
  • 6. Due
  • 7. GoodTask 3
  • 8. WeDo
  • 9. Gestimer
  • 10. Time Out

1. Clear

10 Mac reminder apps that outperform Apple Reminder

Clear is one of the most useful Mac apps for people who like to think visually. Delivering a bright experience, this app allows users to customize lists with colors and use gestures to quickly organize them.

Organizing tasks using this list view keeps you from distracted when managing reminders on your Mac. Gestures integrate perfectly with the trackpad or Magic Mouse, allowing you to swipe and connect with your tasks. Clear lets you sync with iCloud to link your iOS devices, so you can access your tasks from anywhere.

Download Clear ($ 10 / 230,000VND).

2. Wunderlist

10 Mac reminder apps that outperform Apple Reminder

One of the most well-known of the task management apps, Wunderlist offers a full suite of features for managing reminders.

Wunderlist allows you to add due dates, files, comments, notes and tags to any reminder. In Control Panel, you can organize reminders into projects, giving you basic organization options. Setting recurring reminders gives you all you need to set up routine based activities.

Microsoft acquired Wunderlist in 2015. Although the app is still available for now, Microsoft is planning to stop offering Wunderlist in favor of the new Microsoft To-Do app. For now, however, Wunderlist is still touted as one of the best task management tools.

Download Wunderlist (Free).

3. Todoist

10 Mac reminder apps that outperform Apple Reminder

If you want to go further with your reminders, check out Todoist. Todoist brings premium productivity software and combines it with elegant design. The service packs all the features you'd expect with the task manager, like labels, filters, project management, and even an inbox for adding unsorted reminders.

Adding quick tasks and reminders is one of Todoist's favorite features. Recurring reminders help you set up regular schedules for important activities.

Everything is as well organized as possible. With Todoist, you can keep track of the number of tasks you have completed for the week and more.

Download Todoist (Free, subscription available).

4. Later

10 Mac reminder apps that outperform Apple Reminder

Later is a basic reminder app for iOS and Mac. Its unique approach allows you to map out reminders based on real-life presets.

Scheduling a reminder to appear 3 hours later or tomorrow night is the perfect way to plan things out. You can easily customize the presets and save time by setting specific due dates and times.

Sync with the Later iOS app, and you can set the Mac-only reminder to appear on your computer during the next session. It is available in the menu bar for easy access and is perfect for the app beginners.

Download Later ($ 10 / 230,000VND).

5. Doo

10 Mac reminder apps that outperform Apple Reminder

As one of the most engaging reminder apps in the Mac App Store, Doo offers a simple experience paired with a calendar app to visualize what's coming soon.

Doo provides a card-based interface with the ability to add open-ended or date-based tasks. Create recurring reminders, add checklists per reminder, customize the time between times, and set morning and evening presets to add reminders in seconds.

Like Later, Doo runs from the menu bar and is appreciated for its stunning visuals.

You can even set reminders based on where in the Doo when you arrive or leave. And syncing with iOS apps will let you stay up to date.

Download Doo ($ 10).

6. Due

10 Mac reminder apps that outperform Apple Reminder

Loved by many iOS users, Due also received a lot of positive feedback because it is very easy to use on macOS.

Due provides the ability to set up simple reminders with lots of customizations. Use it to create reusable countdown reminders for all your tasks, from kitchen to other work-based activities. This is one of the features that makes Due stand out.

The action of adding new items to Due is very basic, but with the smart input feature, adding a reminder takes place very quickly. Due is an intelligent app that is capable of meeting your needs. Any overdue notifications will be reminded with automatic snooze feature, making sure you don't miss anything.

Download Due ($ 10 / 230,000VND).

7. GoodTask 3

10 Mac reminder apps that outperform Apple Reminder

GoodTask 3 is an advanced reminder manager that syncs with Apple Calendar and Reminders.

If you don't use an Apple Calendar, GoodTask 3 also connects to Exchange and many other apps. Many people appreciate GoodTask 3 as an alternative without having to leave Apple Reminder and Calendar behind.

GoodTask 3 lets you manage your reminders, lists, and calendar using a multitude of viewing options, including lists, day, week, month, and year. With smart lists, you can create filtered reminders based on priority, location, due date, tags, text, and more.

While GoodTask 3 is priced a bit higher, integration with Apple services will make this worthwhile.

Download GoodTask 3 ($ 20 / 460,000VND).

8. WeDo

10 Mac reminder apps that outperform Apple Reminder

As a life management tool, WeDo is a newcomer in the world of reminders.

In addition to managing reminders, WeDo also focuses on users' habits. WeDo has the ability to organize using a planning tool to easily manage your work and personal plans.

Along with that are the functions to create and manage reminders, add checklists, track homework, create to-do lists, and manage bills. WeDo is truly an all-in-one app, yet compact enough to use as a reminder manager.

Download WeDo (Free, subscription available).

9. Gestimer

10 Mac reminder apps that outperform Apple Reminder

Gestimer provides a simple yet fun way to manage reminders: You use your desktop to "sketch" reminder times. Dragging the icon in the menu bar down will set the reminder time. The more you scroll down, the more you know the reminder details. This makes Gestimer one of the most interactive reminder apps for Mac.

After you create your reminders, you can view your existing items and even add a small description to them, perfect for tasks. Gestimer is well priced and a great starting point for first time reminder users.

Download Gestimer ($ 4).

10. Time Out

10 Mac reminder apps that outperform Apple Reminder

While traditional reminder services help you set reminders for important days, Time Out focuses on recess.

Being in front of the computer all day is not good for your body and mind. Taking regular breaks will help you manage your time more efficiently.

But it goes one step further by keeping track of what apps and tools you use throughout the day. Time Out will take up all of your screen when it's time for the necessary break.

For those who want more frequent breaks, Time Out is a healthy way to manage time.

Download Time Out (Free).

Now, you can consider alternatives to Apple Reminders. It's important to evaluate what works best for you, as each of these apps offers something different than Apple Reminders. With features like due dates, notes, custom notifications, and more, it's easy to understand how many people turn to these apps.

After reviewing these apps, do you still think Apple Reminder is the best option? Have you tried one of the alternatives above? And remember, Apple Calendar also has a few helpful tricks, including a reminder feature.

Besides, check out 10 free tools for Mac to increase your productivity or 12 must-have apps for forgetful, forgetful people if you need a reminder tool on mobile devices. .

Wish you find the right choice for yourself!