Current Date: Mon, Sep 20, 2021 8:48 AM

4 reasons Firefox "cut off" Chrome on Android smartphones

Chrome web browser is rated higher than Firefox when used on PC, but when used on Android devices, Chrome makes users a bit disappointed. In addition to the benefits of syncing bookmarks (bookmarks) with your PC and running browsing sessions, many people find that Chrome has no more outstanding features.

Meanwhile, Firefox has many features to choose from and here are the four most visible strengths of Firefox compared to Chrome when used on Android devices.

Firefox may lose to Chrome in browser tests and Firefox is a Mozilla product, while Chrome is a Google product and Android is a Google product, but Firefox is better suited to Android than Chrome, at least 4 the following point.

Flash support

Abode Flash no longer officially runs on Android Jelly Bean, for security reasons, and Google has not supported Flash for Chrome on Android. Even if your device is running Android Ice Cream Sandwich and Adobe Flash is installed, you still cannot view flash content on Chrome.

4 reasons Firefox "cut off" Chrome on Android smartphones

Firefox now provides stable support for Flash, and if the Flash application is already installed on the device, you should be able to view Flash content without any hiccups. Dolphin HD also supports Flash and you can try it out.

Support for add-ons

Both Chrome and Firefox support add-ons and extensions when used on PCs, but only Firefox continues this policy with Android devices. Firefox for Android supports the use of add-ons for which you can enable certain extras on specific websites. For example, there are add-ons used for you to download flash videos from websites, block ads ...

4 reasons Firefox "cut off" Chrome on Android smartphones

One issue to keep in mind is that add-ons for Android browsers are different from those used on the desktop version, and so add-ons on the Firefox version on PC may not work on the desktop version. Firefox for Android. However, many add-ons have been shared, and developers are still working on improving the situation.

Reading mode

Users who like to read newspapers and news on Android devices will especially like Firefox, because they will have a great reading experience. Reading Mode (Reading Mode) in Firefox is a very good feature that removes all the unnecessary on the page and only gives you what you are interested in. If a page has enough content and supports reading, you will see a book icon in the right corner of the URL bar. Just click on the icon to activate Reading Mode for that page.

Firefox also supports Reading List, and you can add a page to that list using the menu options.

Support more devices

4 reasons Firefox "cut off" Chrome on Android smartphones

While Chrome only supports devices running Ice Cream Sandwich and higher, Firefox for Android also supports devices running Gingerbread. For Ice Cream Sandwich users and higher versions of Android there is no problem, but there are still a large number of users who use Gingerbread, and Firefox is the best browser option for them.

Firefox may have lost the browser race to Chrome when used on a desktop, but on Android devices, Firefox certainly has a lot to offer before Chrome.