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How to buy a computer: Choose the right computer for you

Network administrator - In this guide, we will cover the range of desktop models available in the market, from which you can choose which computer best suits your needs.

Today's desktop computers have a lot of options: You can buy yourself a computer built by retailers or you can choose the small components to build. give me a computer. However, among the many options, you need to narrow down what you need to consider in order to quickly choose a suitable desktop.

In this guide, we've broken down desktops into three main categories, each with their own price and performance: Compact, all-in-one, and classic tower (this type of computer is further subdivided with budget, mainstream and performance items).

After you have selected the right category for your needs, the next step you need to take as well as a series of articles we guide you on how to buy a laptop, is to choose the specifications and steps. Finally, there are some buying and selling tips. However these are the next articles in this series of desktop tutorials, and in this article, our mission is to help you choose for yourself which desktop is most suitable.

Compact computers

Compact PCs are the smallest members of the desktop family, often overlooking some features to focus on computing power with the least space-saving priority. The combination of energy-efficient components, quiet operation, and small size make computers of this type ideal for those looking for an elegant PC. A compact desktop typically costs around $ 300 to $ 600, though the price can vary slightly if you add some upgrade options.

This size and quietness is due to the fact that it is equipped with components found in notebooks and netbooks, such as Intel's Atom processor. This limits the machine's capacity in some tasks that require high processing power, but in return, you feel quiet, energy efficient. However, not all compact desktops are created equal, pay attention to the specifications of the machine when you choose to buy. Some compact desktops are configured for as low a price as possible; while some are quite expensive for the purpose of providing optimum performance in a compact system.

How to buy a computer: Choose the right computer for you Acer Aspire Revo R3610

Most compact desktops have integrated graphics. In some cases (depending on CPU and integrated graphics chip), they cannot support games with high complexity and graphics processing requirements (only allows you to play Flash games inside browser), however you can add a media streaming component to Intel's integrated graphics card. A case must be mentioned is the ion-based computer of nVidia, such as the Acer Aspire Revo R3610, usually has a pretty high price. Gaming may not be a problem, but with 1080p video resolution is definitely an issue that you need to consider especially when you want to watch video on a mainframe or on the web.

When looking at small computers, you need to be mindful of their ports. Be aware that the smaller your computer, the fewer features and connectivity options you will have.

All-in-One desk machine

This desktop concept you will probably rarely encounter in our country market: All-in-One type of computer whose components are mounted right behind the display screen, with normal screen size. fall between 18 and 27 inches. With no cables to manage or peripherals, setting up a new all-in-one PC is as simple as just take it out of its case and plug it in.

How to buy a computer: Choose the right computer for you MSI Wind Top AE2010

With the display that integrates the other system components right behind it, you can place this all-in-one anywhere as long as you have a power supply. Some offer Touchscreen screens. With support for multitouch gestures working in Windows 7, all-in-one computers also proved quite smart when users manipulated their media, while still having an authentic computer.

How to buy a computer: Choose the right computer for you Sony VAIO L117FX / B

The internal components of an All-in-one computer are completely different depending on the machine. Usually you pay a higher price for these computers than for similarly equipped desktops. There are, however, a few models aimed at users with very little coffers. Others are equipped with high-performance system components that cost quite a bit. For example, low-cost computers like the MSI Wind Top AE2010 use integrated notebook or netbook processors and graphics cards. It is clear that with computers of this type, you will suffer from this level of output performance. If you have more budget, you can choose for yourself another model like Sony VAIO L117FX / B, this is a model with quad-core processor (commonly found in high-spec desktops). productivity and large screen with 24-inch. However, to get it, you have to spend about $ 2,000 on these state-of-the-art specifications.

Many all-in-one computers support wireless or Bluetooth keyboards and mice and Wi-Fi connectivity. This allows you to reduce the need to run wires around, especially in tight spaces.

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How to buy a computer: Choose the right computer for you Acer Veriton X270

These desktops contain the standard components for a desktop, but the price is around $ 300 if you choose old or inexpensive hardware components and a low-performance processor. Typically, these computers are minitower systems, with less disk space than a fulltower. The Acer Veriton X270 has an old Core 2 Duo processor but offers decent performance that costs around $ 500. Be aware of models equipped with AMD Sempron or Intel Celeron processors because low-cost CPUs like you suffer negatively on their performance.

These low-cost desktops often have integrated and low-performance graphics chips, so your entertainment is limited. Although there are some computers equipped with Intel Core i3 processors to improve this performance, but they really are not enough for games requiring high graphics but only enough support for video viewing. with moderate resolution.

Budget computers usually have a minimum capacity of 320GB hard drive and 2GB RAM, but it allows you to upgrade by adding more RAM or replacing a larger hard drive. One thing to keep in mind with these computers is that they rarely leave a lot of free space inside the case. If you need a computer just for word processing, email and sometimes watching DVDs or videos online then these computers are very suitable for your needs.


How to buy a computer: Choose the right computer for you Gateway FX6800-01e

A little higher up in this series of tower computers, you will see a number of machines targeted at mainstream users. These computers start at around $ 800 and have a minimum hard drive capacity of about 500GB, 4GB of RAM. Equipped with low-end dual-core or quad-core processors, so they are more efficient than the budget computers just introduced above. A good example of this is the Gateway FX6800-01e: For less than $ 1000, you get a Core i7-920 quad-core processor and ATI Radeon HD discrete graphics. 4850.
Photo editing apps are great for working with the multi-core processors found in this computer, and you'll also experience performance improvements in gaming or watching videos. high definition video. Many machines in this category include a Blu-ray drive. If the demand for video editing is not too high, you absolutely can find a computer on this line that has the power to help you with your projects.

Performance Calculator How to buy a computer: Choose the right computer for you Maingear Shift

Occupying the ultimate position among high-performance desktops. These high-performance computers usually start at around $ 1500, some even as high as $ 7,000 like the Maingear Shift. Most of these computers are fulltower systems, equipped with multiple hard drive slots and expansion slots. These computers are designed to perform complex tasks, they are usually equipped with the latest and most powerful dual-core or quad-core processors from Intel as well as AMD, 6GB or 8GB RAM, dark minimum one discrete graphics card. Some high-performance desktops also have multiple graphics cards to enable high graphics performance.

These computers are often suitable for people with a lot of processing power, those who need to edit videos or photos with high resolution or gamers who demand top visual effects.

Note: All prices listed in the article are for reference only.