Current Date: Sun, Apr 11, 2021 4:00 AM

How to change Instagram avatar on computer

Web-based Instagram version launches the user with a very simple interface, mainly providing videos as well as pictures of the Instagram accounts you are following. And according to each upgrade and change to Instagram computers, users have been used as well as provided with additional editing options for personal accounts.

For example, to change your Instagram profile picture, if you previously needed to change it on the Instagram app or use an Android emulator to install Instagram, you can now change it immediately on your computer Instagram. We use pictures on our computer to change our Instagram profile picture. The following article will guide you how to change your Instagram profile picture on your computer.

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Guide to change Instagram profile picture on PC

Step 1:

We log into the web-based Instagram account on the computer.


How to change Instagram avatar on computer

Step 2:

In the interface on Instagram,Click on the profile picture to access your personal Instagram page.

How to change Instagram avatar on computer

Step 3:

In your Instagram profile, you click directly on the current avatar. Then display the Change Profile Photo interface, click Upload Photo.

How to change Instagram avatar on computer

Step 4:

Display the folder interface on the computer for us to choose the images we want to change for Instagram. Click on the photo and then the selected photo is replaced as the Instagram avatar.

With the web-based Instagram version on the computer, it will only stop at selecting a new photo, without adding the selection of the image area you want to use for your avatar like when using Instagram Android, iOS.

How to change Instagram avatar on computer

Although the avatar changer on Instagram does not have an image area selection, it is also very useful for users who have photos available on their computer that want to change immediately. We do not need to transfer photos from PC to iPhone, or to Android to be able to use the new avatar on Instagram.

Wish you all success!