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How to check spelling on Google Docs

Helping users convenient in editing content, Google Docs has a spell check feature with incorrectly typed words and immediately displays an editing frame with those mistakes. Spell checking tool is not only available on Google Docs, but also appears in many editors like spell check in Word or check spelling in Google Chrome.

With Google Docs, the tool will turn on misspelled words, along with a table to correct errors with those wrong words. The following article will guide you to read how to use the spell check tool on Google Docs.

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How to check spelling on Google Docs

Step 1:

At the document content on Google Docs click on Tools section and then select Check spelling. Click to select next Spell check. In addition, we can also check the Error Underline to highlight misspelled words.

How to check spelling on Google Docs

Step 2:

Immediately misspelled words will be underlined for users to easily recognize in the content.

How to check spelling on Google Docs

At the same time, the right edge of the screen will display a spelling correction frame. With incorrect words, the tool will immediately show the correct word for you to know. Press button Changeto correct spelling for the wrong word entered.

How to check spelling on Google Docs

Step 3:

In the process of using the spell checking tool on Google Docs, there will be cases where the tool still underlines the correctly spelled word. This is because Google Docs has not added the word to the dictionary, so it has been misspelled.

In the case of false misspelling as above, also click in the error correction interface button Add, then choose next See personal dictionary….

How to check spelling on Google Docs

Step 4:

At this point in the interface will display that word, press button Add next to then press next Save button below to add the word to your Google Docs personal dictionary. That way, the spellchecker will remove that word from the list of misspellings.

How to check spelling on Google Docs

Spell check tool on Google Docs will give correct words when there are mistakes in content. You can correct it immediately to switch to the correct word and save the word in the dictionary so that the tool will not report misspelling errors.

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