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How to identify enemies near you in Rules of Survival

In the Rules of Survival battle, the game player is always ready for an immediate battle, maybe because you accidentally entered the enemy's territory or a few guys are waiting for you in front. Any place set foot can have the enemy ambushed. So how do you know if an enemy is nearby? Some of the signs in the article below will help you stay alert when approaching any area.

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How to identify nearby enemies in Rules of Survival

1. Location of the cars

For the experienced players of Rules of Survival, you will surely know where cars or vehicles are located. If you go to a location where you find these vehicles parked where they never have been, be alert. Maybe the enemy is hiding and waiting for you to attack.

How to identify enemies near you in Rules of Survival

2. Suspicious sign from the house

A close look at each house will also help you spot the enemy there. If the door was opened, the window glass was broken, then there would have been enemies who entered the house to loot things, or someone was still inside. In this situation, the user can calculate to deal with the enemy, taking his advantage.

There are also many signs to identify the enemy hiding indoors. Readers can refer to the article How to identify an enemy hiding indoors on Rules of Survival.

How to identify enemies near you in Rules of Survival

3. There are many crystals around the place

When someone is defeated, their inventory becomes crystals. If the player sees them appear a lot in the location where you set foot, then there was probably a battle happened. And so, the winner can still stand there to loot, or wait for some prey to clear it. If you see the stars scattered around, go elsewhere to preserve your life.

How to identify enemies near you in Rules of Survival

4. Pay attention to the sound

The sound in Rules of Survival PC is very real, especially when you wear a headset. When wearing headphones, we can pay attention to strange sounds around that location.

Above are some ways to identify enemy locations near you in Rules of Survival. Join this survival war, it is essential for you to carefully observe your surroundings. That way, we will have the necessary preparations to attack the enemy or defend.

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Wish you have fun playing the game!