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How to install Deepin Linux

How to install Deepin Linux

Deepin Linux is an excellent distribution. So why not experience it on your computer? Deepin has a variety of high-quality layouts / interfaces and great software. If you want a good looking distribution, learn how to install Deepin Linux through the following article.

Step 1: Create bootable USB

Create a bootable USB to install Deepin. Download the ISO file here. You can use any USB bootable software. Also, make sure the USB can accommodate at least 8GB. Wait for the ISO file to download before proceeding.

How to install Deepin Linux Download the Deepin installation file

Step 2: Enter BIOS

Reboot into BIOS, go to the boot sequence and set up USB boot first.

Common keys for BIOS are usually Esc, Del, F2 orF12.

Step 3: Save changes and reboot

If you are using a UEFI based system, then while using Windows hold down the key Shift, click Restart and choose UEFI Firmware Settings. Then change the boot order from there. Make sure Secure Boot is turned off.

Step 4: Install Deepin

How to install Deepin Linux Select Install Deepin

At the boot menu, select Install Deepin and wait until it boots.

You don't have to choose "Deepin Failsafe" unless needed.

At the menu, if you are installing on a laptop, connect the machine to a power source.

Step 5: Select the default language

When booting, select your system language and click Next.

The default language is usually English or Chinese.

If you run it on a virtual machine, you will receive a message recommending you to install it on the real machine to improve software performance and performance.

Step 6: Create a user account with the name and password of your choice

How to install Deepin Linux Create a user account with the name and password of your choice

Computer name of your choice. If you don't enter anything, the computer name will be generated based on your name.

The first letter of the name must be lowercase.

Step 7: Select the drive or partition to install Deepin

If you want dual boot configuration, select a partition next to the Windows partition or installed operating system.

Be careful not to install on the EFI partition.

You can create partitions using Linux live media, installed OS partition editor or section Advanced to edit partitions.

  • To perform a single boot configuration, select the installed operating system partition.
  • Your computer needs at least 16GB of storage space to install.
  • You will need enough storage space for a swap partition.

Step 8: Double-check the installation drive or partition

Click tiếp tục at warning.

Be sure to carefully read the part of the drive or partition you are installing.

Step 9: Wait for the installation to finish

Let the installation take place. This usually takes about 15-25 minutes depending on the system speed.

During the installation, a slideshow showing Deepin's features will be played.

How to install Deepin Linux During the installation, a slideshow showing Deepin's features will be displayed

Step 10: Reboot

Once done, you can now reboot.

If that fails, you can try installing it again.

If the reinstallation does not resolve the problem, the system may not be compatible with Deepin. Deepin requires a computer with at least 2GB of RAM, a 64-bit system, and a 2010 model or higher.

Step 11: Boot into BIOS

Boot into BIOS and change the boot order to first boot from the hard drive.

Step 12: Save changes and reboot

Step 13: Sign in to Deepin

How to install Deepin Linux Log in to Deepin

Step 14: Experience Deepin Linux

How to install Deepin Linux Experience Deepin Linux

Now you can experience the desktop and features of Deepin!

Deepin is quite heavy on processor, so it can slow down the computer.

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