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How to install Savior on Chrome

On Coc Coc browser, when installed by default, it will include the Savior utility so that users can download videos, or audio files in any website without any other supporting software. And we can completely bring that useful Savior extension to the Google Chrome browser with a very simple way. After installing Savior in Chrome, we can download Youtube videos, download audio files from Youtube videos, download videos from other video sharing sites quickly. The following article will guide you to install the Savior extension on Google Chrome.

  • How to install Savior on Coc Coc

Install Savior extension on Chrome browser

Step 1:

First of all, we will download the Savior utility file on Chrome browser under the link below. Then you proceed to extract this utility file. Use the decompression software on your computer such as WinRAR or 7-Zip to extract the downloaded Savior .zip file.

  • Get the Savior Chrome extension

How to install Savior on Chrome

Step 2:

After extracting is complete, we open Chrome browser and click vertical 3 dots icon In the top right corner, select Other tools then choose to continue Extensions.

How to install Savior on Chrome

Step 3:

Then the user ticks the item Developer mode then look down below, click on the button Utility has sprung ... to proceed to import Savior utility file for Google Chrome.

How to install Savior on Chrome

Step 4:

Appears interface Browse For Folder dialog box. Here you find the folder containing the file Savior after extracting. Click folder containing the file to install the Savior utility then press OK below.

How to install Savior on Chrome

Step 5:

Immediately, the Savior extension will be installed on the Google Chrome browser, with the icon in the browser address bar. By default, the extension is turned on in your browser and will turn green when you open a web page you want to download a video on.

You can also tick Allow in incognito mode if you want the Savior extension to work when Google Chrome is browsing privately.

How to install Savior on Chrome

Step 6:

For example I would download videos on Youtube. Savior utility will conduct detection of open videos in the interface, then capture the video download link for the user.

You click on Savior icons on the browser will see the video you want to download. Savior will also provide different formats to download videos with that quality. Depending on the needs of the user, you can choose the format you want to download from the list. Finally click Download button blue to download videos.

How to install Savior on Chrome

Or I'll load the video on Instagram and Savior works fine too. The utility will also quickly grab the video download link and you just need to click the Download button to finish.

How to install Savior on Chrome

With many video sites on the interface such as Twitter, Savior can also get the link to download many videos as shown below. You just need to click on the Download button in the video you want to download.

How to install Savior on Chrome

Step 7:

With incognito mode on Chrome, Savior also works efficiently and qualitatively with fast loading links.

How to install Savior on Chrome

Add a video download utility on Google Chrome browser, with fast working speed, capturing quality video download links. Savior can operate in normal or incognito browsing mode. The ability to capture video download links in two working modes on Chrome is guaranteed the same. If you want to find the video download extension on Chrome browser, try using the Savior extension.

Wish you all success!

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