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How to pet cats in Adorable Home easy to get heart

Cat petting in Adorable Home seems like a game many players call bad luck. Actually, if you know how to poke cats in Adorable Home in the right place, they still let you go.

Most of the cats in Adorable Home love to touch different parts of the body. However, there are many cats that like to touch only one point on the body, yet the Elisabeth is still the hardest to indulge of them all.

If you are new to cats and have consulted the Adorable Home gaming guide and found petting the dogs difficult and inhibiting, then try the following methods.

How to properly stroke the Adorable Home cat

As mentioned in previous posts, you need to know that cats will only like to touch one part of their body. That is if you have touched their body, in any other posture they just like to touch the body only. Examples are just feet or head, or

How to pet cats in Adorable Home easy to get heart

Likewise, if you feel the heart rise when you touch their feet, they just like to touch their feet. Either they just like touching the tail and hind legs, or the head and front legs.

But there is a pose where you can earn a heart easily while petting cats. It is a supine position as shown in the picture. They love to touch the pads of their feet as shown in the picture, but this only happens at certain times of the day.

How to pet cats in Adorable Home easy to get heart

You can rest assured because when you touch the first one in this position that has a heart, most of the rest have a heart. Not to mention you can touch their stomach and head to earn more heart when they lie on their back like above.

How to pet cats in Adorable Home easy to get heart

At least you will earn 2 hearts like this of the boss, where else, touch other parts of them. If you touch only 2 legs in this position and have no heart, you will not only not find the heart but also get the cat's lightning.

If you are also too hard to bathe and trim the cat's nails, then check out some tips for bathing and clipping cats in Adorable Home.

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