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How to play Eco and Gamble in Dota Underlords

Style play Eco, also known as Economy is one of the ways to sell blood but will exchange a very strong comeback late game lineup and win TOP 1 in the current Dota Underlords.

Below is a detailed guide on how to apply Eco gameplay in Dota Underlords to help you comeback game with a very strong lineup.

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Dota Underlords: Guide to applying Eco gameplay in the game

Earn money

How to play Eco and Gamble in Dota Underlords

As you know, after the end of a round we will have an extra amount of money from many sources, specifically:

  • Basic Gold: + 5 Gold
  • Win round: + 1 Gold
  • Interest Gold: plus 1 to 5 gold. (add 10% to total gold currently)

Win or losing streak: add 1 to 3 gold

Eco money is very important because you can get up to 14 gold with just 1 round, 3 times more than other non-Eco. So you often see people who level up, say level 6 people level 8 or level 7 people level 10.

Eco Guide and Eco Use:

After finishing the first 3 rounds, sell all your heroes and AFK until round 10. At the end of round 10 you will have level 5 + 62 gold. Health drops to around 50 ~ 65.

Guide to roll and store Interest:

  • Over 40hp, roll and reserve at 50 gold
  • Over 30hp, roll and reserve at 40 gold
  • Over 20hp, roll and reserve at 30 gold
  • Under 20 gold, then play dry blood


Easy to 2 or 3 stars, you will not be too surprised to see your squad can go up to 3 stars in round 16-17. Crush on other teams before round 25, if lucky snowball is "easy game".


It is easy to get onions if you reach round 20 and you still do not have at least 2 2 stars. Contraindicated to any game where the enemy has too much win streak because you will be miserable with these guys. Or if you have guys with Eco, you lose streams and you will have to build one round late if you happen to meet each other.

Strategy in the match

How to play Eco and Gamble in Dota Underlords

In a match, there are usually three stages: Early Game, Mid game and Late Game where each stage you need to apply different methods to really take advantage of the money-accumulating gameplay. Even when rolling out bad pieces.

Early Game (Round 1 - 10)

This is the stage that will decide whether you follow Eco or not, which is also an extremely important stage on the rankings. Initial formation of the team or the sudden appearance of 4 gold pieces will greatly affect the mid game, late game and the way Eco money.

Consider carefully whether to level up in round 5 or round 9. If you are losing, you should not level up in round 5 or round 9 to get 20 or 30 gold through round 10.

Mid game (Round 11-20)

During this stage you must calculate carefully if you want to survive. After you have shaped the gameplay in Early Game with 20 or 30 gold in you, this will be the time when gamers decide how to use this money.

First, you need to identify the strengths that are in your squad. Let's say you have a Troll squad that is missing one Troll Warrior go with Ax and Tusk Then the presence of a Troll Warrior is very important in your squad.

The Troll Warrior is a 4-gold chess piece, so you need to care about the chance of having a 4-gold chess on the chess pieces. Odds of making 4 gold pieces in level 5-6-7-8 2-7-10-15% respectively, you should level up to high levels to increase the rate of Troll or Kunkka instead of Ax to save money and reach new power levels.

Late game (Round 21 or later)

Start the Comeback with a very strong lineup. This is where you have to sprint, continuing with the troll formation above. At this point all you need are crowd control, magic resist and lifesteal, and heal.

But more important is what the opponent's squad is like. Assuming that there are 2 enemies playing Knight and Dragon then we will use the "lock card" method.

Lock the opponent's card, means to buy and then put it in the back line. Lock all of DK, then enjoy the moment when the two guys fought each DK on the board. So you've eliminated a few opponents on your way to TOP 1.

Squad example 1

How to play Eco and Gamble in Dota Underlords

  • Those easy to climb 3 stars: Jugg, Ax, BM, Lycan
  • The rest can climb 2 stars, and you do not expect 3 stars for the remaining pieces.
  • For level 7, you need 6 Warrior + Disruptor.

Squad example 2

With level 7: 6 Assassin + LD (can add 2 more tanks) or NP (get buffs for TA and PA)

If to say how to fight, it is very difficult and depends on the experience of each person. The only trick is not to level 6 without Disrup, KK or Doom in the Warrior roster or TA in Team Assassin.

How to play Eco and Gamble in Dota Underlords

Priority is given to putting money on the stars first, because level 5 rolls are easy to get to the above ones, so that the 2 children overlap on the floor. Minimize the loss of a large amount of health per round.

Obviously with the above, the Eco gameplay is not a strategy, but has changed to Survival. And you will win easily if you are smart enough.