Current Date: Mon, Sep 20, 2021 7:13 AM

Instructions to downgrade Windows 10 Mobile to Windows Phone 8.1

Windows 10 Mobile is a combination of Windows operating system on smartphones that Microsoft has researched and developed to focus on exploiting users recently.

Quite a lot of Windows Phone fans have upgraded their "mobile phone" to Windows 10 Mobiles. However, after a period of use, many users discovered that the platform still had many bugs and wanted to return to Windows Phone 8.1 as before.

In the article below, your network administrator will guide you through the steps to downgrade Windows 10 to Windows Phone 8.1.

Instructions to downgrade Windows 10 Mobile to Windows Phone 8.1

1. Download and install the latest version of Windows Device Recovery Tool on your computer.

Download Windows Device Recovery Tool to your computer and install it here.

2. Launch the tool and use the USB cable to connect your phone.

If your device is erased, click on My phone was not detected to force the app to rescan and detect your device.

3. On the next interface, click on your phone and wait for a few seconds. You will now see information on your phone and available software downloaded to reinstall the previous operating system version.

To continue, click to select Reinstall software.

4. The next restore tool will warn you to back up all of your data, settings, and apps before proceeding to the next step.

During downgrade to previous version, all data on your phone will be deleted. Click to select tiếp tục to continue.

5. The recovery tool now downloads the image from the Microsoft server and replaces the current version of Windows 10 Mobile on your phone.

It will take a few hours, depending on your Internet connection and hardware.

After completing the process, you will receive a notification that the operating system has been installed successfully. At this point your phone will reboot and go through the Out-of-Box-Experience.

Next login your Microsoft account, choose to restore phone from backup and add a few more questions ...

Your Windows 10 Mobile phone will now downgrade back to Windows Phone 8.1.

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Good luck!