Current Date: Sun, Apr 11, 2021 4:09 AM

See what is your Chinese name?

After Phan An's Vietnamese to Vietnamese converter tool was released, many young people curiously typed their names into the tool to check if they used a new charset, their name would turn into like that. Come on.

Many people say that this new Vietnamese charset is even harder to read than teencode - the language that young people use to text with each other. However, since the project is still under research and not completed yet, the issue of this new Vietnamese script should be put aside for now.

Today, the Network Administrator will introduce to you a mini game to see what your Chinese name is?

You visit this link.

Assuming your Vietnamese name is Dang Thanh Vinh, when you move to a new Vietnamese language, it will be: Dácq Wàn 'Vin', and when converted to Chinese it will be Nam Lang.

See what is your Chinese name?

It seems that Nam Lang and Dácq Wàn 'Vin' are not alike, even have nothing to do with each other. My Chinese name is Qi Tuyet Dong, I listen to girls :(

Hope this tool will help you get a real name "squeak" when "on the Gypsy" like some swordplay movies.

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