Current Date: Sun, Apr 11, 2021 3:42 AM

The computer market declined

According to market research firm Gartner (USA), the number of computers sold in 2011 increased only 9.3% compared to 10.5% previously expected. Laptops and netbooks suffer from strong competition from tablets.

Gartner estimated that 385 million computers will be sold in 2011, up 9.3% from 2010. "Laptops are no longer driving the market due to consumer interest in mini-notebooks. is declining, "said Ranjit Atwal, Gartner Research Director.

Mini-notebooks are low-end computers, small and lightweight in design and cheaper than traditional laptops. They are mainly used to access the Internet.

The computer market declined
The computer market is under strong competition from tablets. (Photo: Ha Mai).

Tablets like the iPad play an important role in the development of mobile products. These products cause users to delay buying new laptops. However, Mr. Ranjit Atwal said that individuals are not ready to replace laptops with tablets.

According to Gartner, the growth of the computer market is driven by businesses rather than by individual consumers. "Businesses with larger budgets should spend heavily and they have a need to replace old computers," said Raphael Vasquez, Gartner expert.

The global computer market in the first quarter of 2011 declined with 84.3 million units sold, down from 1.1% year-on-year and from 3% expected by Gartner. IDC also analyzed the market for the first time down 3.2% to 80.6 million units since the end of the economic crisis at the end of June 2009.

"Computer prices are falling but still are not attracting users. They are switching to tablets and other multimedia devices," said Gartner expert Mikako Kitagawa.

Gartner recorded the US laptop market decline for three consecutive quarters. The Japanese market also decreased by 13.1%, Europe, the Middle East and Africa decreased by 2.8%. However, Asia Pacific grew 4.1% and 5.4% in Latin America.

Among manufacturers, Hewlett-Packard remained number one (17.6% market share according to Gartner and 18.9% by IDC) despite a decline (3.4% or 2.8%). . Gartner believes that Acer continues to rank second (12.9% market share, down 12.2%), followed by Dell (11.9% market share, down 2.2% revenue). However, according to IDC, Dell outperformed Acer with 12.8% and 11.2% market share, respectively.