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Unikey disappears by itself, how to fix it?

You are still using Unikey as usual and then one day Unikey disappears by itself, so where is the error and how to fix it? Unikey auto-deletion has happened on a lot of computers. The cause of this situation can be due to faulty software or virus "eating" Uninkey, or simply the Unikey icon lost in the Taskbar, making users mistakenly think Unikey deletes itself. To resolve the error Unikey naturally disappears there are many different ways. Readers can refer to the following ways that the network administrator has summarized.

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Instructions to fix the error Unikey deleted on Windows

1. Lost the Unikey icon in the Taskbar

For some reason, the Unikey icon does not appear in the Taskbar, so users think the software has been deleted from the computer. To fix this we just need to reset the Taskbar showing the Unikey icon.

Readers refer to how to do in the article Fix Unikey not showing icons on the Taskbar.

Unikey disappears by itself, how to fix it?

2. Error due to virus deleting files Unikey

Often the computer infected with the virus will run very slowly or there are strange changes when you use it, such as disappearing Unikey for unknown reasons. If so, use antivirus software to scan your computer. Then proceed to reinstall Win to resolve this error.

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There are many anti-virus software on your computer. Readers can refer to the following articles.

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So we have removed the virus to delete Unikey and then proceed to reinstall Unikey.

3. Unikey malicious code sticky error

A malicious code has a similar way of spreading as WannaCry, taking advantage of the MS17-010 vulnerability that removed Unikey on the computer. With this case the user can refer to the article below.

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Unikey disappears by itself, how to fix it?

4. Errors due to the wrong antivirus software

Some computers that installed the old Unikey version fell into the case of being deleted by the anti-virus software due to mistakenly recognizing the infected file. If so, we need to update Unikey to the latest version that contains the digital signature to fix.

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Besides, we can also put Unikey on the white list of anti-virus software on the computer, the list of trusted software.

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5. Error due to fake Unikey loading

There are many websites that download software but not from the original source, causing users to download fake software, thereby causing software errors or system errors if the file contains viruses. So you need to check Unikey before downloading, find sites that download safe software to download files.

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Above are the causes of the Unikey error disappearing itself as well as how to fix the error in each different case. Thereby the user needs download Unikey from safe sources, avoid fake Unikey. Besides, you should also use anti-virus software to limit the case of virus self-deleting Unikey.

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Hope this article is useful to you!