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What is MOBI file? How to open a MOBI file?

Files with the extension .OBI are files used to store e-books. Initially, this format was only used on software to read electronic newspaper Mobipocket Reader. After that, they gradually became more popular and accepted in some other e-reader software. However, the .MOBI format was terminated in 2011, six years after Amazon acquired Mobipocket (2005).

What is MOBI files?

MOBI is a file type designed exclusively for mobile devices - or e-reader devices with the advantage of compact size, support for bookmarks, notes, editing and JavaScript. In addition, this format is also used as a measure of digital content copyright management, helping to prevent unauthorized access and use of files.

What is MOBI file? How to open a MOBI file?

Today, formats used exclusively on Kindle devices such as AZW3, KF8 and KFX ... are developed on the basis of MOBI. And in fact, the MOBI format is still directly supported on kindle devices.

How to open a .MOBI file

Most of the free desktop e-readers support opening and viewing MOBI files as it is an e-book format. There are a few names such as Caliber, FBReader, Mobipocket Reader.

The hardest part of the whole process is downloading and installing one of the aforementioned applications. As with Caliber, after installing the application, all you have to do is click the “Add books” button, then choose one of the options shown in the image below.

What is MOBI file? How to open a MOBI file?

How to convert a file in .MOBI format

Just like other file formats, to convert .OBI files to other formats, we need to use specialized software rather than simply modify the file extension as this can be. cause the file to be corrupted.

Caliber is not just a simple e-reader software, it also gives users the ability to convert e-books into more than 16 different formats.

What is MOBI file? How to open a MOBI file?

If you do not want to use a third-party converter, some software that supports online format conversion is also a good choice. These softwares allow you to convert e-books into some of the more popular formats like ePUB, PDF, FB2 and LRF. Using online conversion tools has one outstanding advantage of saving time, as you won't have to waste time downloading and installing.

Some of the free online file conversion websites are: DocsPal, Convertio, ConvertFiles and Zamzar. You just need to go to one of these websites, upload the file and choose the format you want to convert. Once the conversion is complete, the software will give you a link or send you an email with the converted file for you to download.

What is MOBI file? How to open a MOBI file?

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