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Why do the iPhone apps say "find devices on your network"?

Why do the iPhone apps say "find devices on your network"?

IOS 14 requires apps on the iPhone to ask permission to find and connect devices on the local network. Make tech easier to explain this notice and whether you should allow this permission.

Why does the application ask for permission to search and connect in the local network?

Whenever an iPhone app wants to scan in the local network for apps and connections, they have to get permission first.

Why do the iPhone apps say "find devices on your network"? Message asking for permission to access the device on the local network

You will see a message on the app that says "want to find and connect to devices in the local network" when using multiple apps. You will only have two options: "Do not allow"And"Allow".

If you allow access, the application will scan on the local network to connect with devices. For example, an app that needs to connect to a smart speaker or a Chromecast needs this access to find devices on your local network to connect to. If you don't allow it, the app won't find the device.

However, some apps seem to ask for permissions with an ambiguous purpose. For example, maybe Facebook asks for this permission to watch the video on another device? Either way, we don't know what the app developers compute.

In theory, apps can use this feature to collect data on your network. For example, they can recognize smart devices in your local network and use that information to attract advertisements to your side.

Before Apple introduced this feature, iPhone apps usually did this automatically without your permission. The scan is nothing new.

Should I allow or deny this access?

If you plan to use the feature to find and connect devices on your local network, you should allow it. Here are some of the apps you should allow:

  • Music app if you want to connect with a smart speaker.
  • Video app if you're going to watch videos on Chromecast or other devices.
  • Smart home apps need to find and connect devices in the network.

If you do not want to use this feature or you are just listening to music over your ears and do not intend to connect to external devices, you can decline the request without issue.

In the future, if you need to use this feature, you can always change it in your phone's settings.

How to control future local network access

If you want to allow applications to access your local network in the future, go to Settings (Settings)> Privacy> Local Network (Local Network) on iPhone. The network access requests will all appear here. Applications that are allowed will appear a green button, not allowed will be gray.

Why do the iPhone apps say "find devices on your network"? The app requires local network access